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Sinoptic Siloist (Automatic translation by Google Translate)

Synoptic Siloist


This paper is to dump the paper, an audiovisual series known under the title of "School subjects."

That production was derived, in turn, made ​​a written circular labeled "General School" and was included in a larger series of notebooks School series and soon to be released by the same publisher.

The "Synoptic Siloist" mentions the word "Siloist" only in its title and in this explanation.

This is because all the work relates to the school and not another thing, but seen from the point of view of Siloism.

It is with this in the school, that the issue has been paid for quite some time to handling of occult currents and the thing has ended in complete confusion.

Thus, reconsider the matter without fanfare or fraud, it seems at least hygienic task.

Hopefully this will serve also to warn against the "gurus" fashion (vernacular and imported), tas affections to obscure his explanations with easy resource to refer everything to the very mysterious "school", which sent salvation of man (and of their own pockets).

  The intelligent reader will understand the aggressive tone of this introduction, as the reaction of a normal person both boring darling in white, so both sham and "odor of sanctity".

H. van Doren
Santiago, June 1973

I. The School

the School

School is the most complete and effective tool that can tell humans and essential knowledge for development.

The school is the workplace more intimate, endearing humanity from which radiates the continuing drive for improvement and freedom.

From the beginning of history, the School is linked to the depths and recesses of the human being.

These depths are expressed through symbols, attitudes and works on all common and few latitudes.

These depths are expressed in the dreams of different ages, in the myths, legends and religions.

The center of gravity of the School

The school has a core that does not change with the times and always resurfaces even if external conditions of life are changed.

The external manifestations of the School are epochal.

Thus, the School covers peripherals to act and communicate with the world, changing costumes and sets, adapting his language and sometimes creating external movements that allow communication between two worlds.

The movements die, sets mutate, the clothing and language are transformed, but the school is and will remain immortal as long as man.

Permanent School Action

Although all systems of the Earth falling or being processed, the School will continue on fundamental questions and their essential development.

The external forms that take the school in the future is unpredictable, but his inner core of teaching, his work disciplines and personal style transmission will not experience major changes to the fundamental structure of the human being has changed.

Speaking of the core, the center of gravity of man, that is so intimate are away from your everyday vision.

But this center acts and action is manifested in mundane with distorted facts.

The name of "School"

The name "School" responds to the idea of teaching and learning of doctrines, practices and disciplines that are transmitted person. Even the name "School" has varied according to time, but the very idea of ​​personal transmission of the foregoing, has remained.

What is the School

The school is not a building. There is, indeed, a social movement. It is not a religion or a philosophy.

These biases can sometimes be influenced by the school, but not "The School", which is totalizing in their teaching.

Exoteric Language School

The language used for example in mass popular science books is kind of esoteric.

It is a simple language, exemplified and used to convey global ideas.

The school also uses the language and uses all the resources of the time to develop it.

Esoteric Language School

Scientists are expressed including a specialized and difficult to understand for those who have not mastered the art way. Exactly the same is true of the more advanced members of the School.

The differences between exoteric and esoteric leguaje the torque advantages, have brought no fewer complications, since esoteric fragments have passed disclosure without context and explanation by unfounded. Occultism in general, is a remarkable example of this.

Institutional Organization of School

The organization of the school varies according to circumstances, creating lasting or ephemeral bodies sometimes have institutionalized as in India and China or the Greek mysteries and the Pythagorean or Neoplatonic schools of the Western Renaissance.

The Egyptian mysteries and Tibetan monastic teachings had this peculiarity, exalted piano superstition.

Noninstitutional School Organization

The school has been repeatedly expressed by isolated groups of very different working in appearance, but in all cases maintained totalising ideas teachings personally conveyed.

Organizing School, is therefore elastic.

School and places

The school did not originate from a point thence radiated around the world, but was manifest in various places that had the character of "centers" of the school, influence from there to more or less remote area.

While a cross appeared, he could follow its traditional line stained peripheral elements.

The School of History

School is born, develops or goes dormant at different times, but always (in different places) are acting some centers.

The profound similarities in doctrines, practices, disciplines and symbols produced by distant civilizations to one another in time denote that it is true School.

At times, when opened a center for the School this seems to be the only true source of education such cases opened by Buddha or Christ in their respective eras centers.

However, the ecumenical mission of these centers and these founders did not diminish or invalidate the action of the School in other tasks for the same periods.

When significant differences are apparent in the teachings of different centers may be suspected falsity of some or involvement of translators, interpreters and commentators without profound knowledge.

Conversely, to find coincidences, must be traced to the depth of the various manifestations, peripheral considerations aside, attributable to cultural environments in which they are expressed.

Rudimental School

The school is potentially every human being who finds the opportunity to meet and develop through a system of doctrine, practice and discipline.

Therefore, it is to warn School rudiments of human groups or very primitive peoples, and religions rites awkward anyway symptoms express delivery.

In many rudimentary communities is part of the tradition veneration by one or more deities who brought salvation teachings and charitable laws to the people ...

That same tradition has sometimes teaching is lost or forgotten ensued men, returning to barbaric and dark times.

II. doctrine

Object, consequences and composition of the doctrine

Doctrine gives totalizing answers about the world, history, the man and the meaning of existence.

The doctrine can develop systems that are working practices and disciplines for the understanding and development of man.

In turn, the exercise of the practices and disciplines enriches and expands the body of doctrine.

The doctrine basically consists of laws, method, and several theories about the universe, life, history and man.

the laws

Through a complex system of thought called "Morphology" Principles and Universal Laws are made, and the method and theories about the universe, man, etc.

Certainly the way you organize the Doctrine through laws, methods, etc., is of recent data.

The important thing is that the above conclusions are not different from those obtained with other apparatus and typical of other cultures and other times conceptual sequences.

The four universal laws, are stated as follows:

1. Structure Law: "Nothing is isolated, but dynamically linked to other areas beings within constraints."

2. Law of concomitance: "Any process is determined by relations of simultaneity processes in the same field."

3. Act cycle: "The whole universe is evolving and goes from simple to complex as cyclical rhythms".

4: Law of overcoming the old for the new, "The synthesis processes assume the above differences, but qualitatively eliminate unacceptable elements for more complex steps"

the method

The three steps they are simplified, saying the child study or compositional system, study of midrange or the object itself and study the larger system of which includes the object.

It can also be said that the systematic study of an object serving their composition and process relationship.

By applying the method to be fixed before anything else point of view or "interest" in the investigation.

Theory of Universe

According to the theory of the Universe, the light (in a broad sense, not just light perceived by the eye) is the essence of all existence.

The differences between the various forms of energy and matter are only differences in densification or subtlety of light.

In turn, any material body has different levels of primary light (light not perceivable by the eye).

Animals have on plants and minerals increased capacity and better organization of that light.

When the primordial light appears, it does so as "Strength" and its action is perceived in the material world.

Humans in particular, can manifest this primordial light, that Force, sometimes accidentally but especially through proper knowledge and training.

The primary light makes all beings are interconnected. The primary light is before the birth of any being, it creates the framework within which the being at birth is organized.

Any disruption of this structure creates disruption in their appearance to be even more material

The Universe as a process of light

According to this theory, a point of convergence of light the explosion that led to the birth and expansion of the Universe.

This expansion is accelerating curve and the bodies begin to turn up again in light convexionar o'clock or new points, which result in new creative explosions.

These forms generate creative center, the structures within which they will organize the new beings, densificándose gradually, then evolve to higher levels over time and continuing creative process.

According to this theory, the creation is not finished but it continues to develop.

Accordingly, the apparent destruction, are now more of a creative process

Theory of Life

Densification of light produced vibrational energy manifestations of different levels and increasingly solid matter.

Radiation from the gases, liquids and solids eventually.

Since electromagnetic bursts until nebulae, suns, planets and moons with its various elements.

The action of electrical discharges between gas clouds and the liquid medium was rudimentary synthesizing amino acids and subsequently the first proteins. The temperature and the general environment, were the "medium" for the production of the virus and the cell.

A "center of gravity" and radiating systems around which are organized: Throughout evolution, from the creative center of the living, the same pattern was repeated.

From the living being, the light was densificándose gradually begins to evolve again thereby registering a great creative cycle since the fall of the rise of the light.

Theory on the Origin of Man

Set the cell nucleus or center, he was commanding the entire cell around him and then repeated divisions was "taxing" a code adaptation or genetic memory capable of running and then specialize functions of nutrition, reproduction and locomotion.

From the amoeboid forms, continued evolution and improvement of the old for the new until towards the Quaternary period emerged clearly set anthropomorphic beings, after numerous attempts of nature to produce this kind of being dense, adaptable to conditions current average.

In primates, the spacing of the fingers and thumb opposition allowed the specialization of brain functions that complicated relations of the nervous system, causing new evolutionary leaps in the animal mind, organizing them gradually the light of intelligence.

From a common trunk, several branches anthropomorphic developed independently, some extinct and perfecting other, as in the case of homo sapiens, a relative of the monkey but not descended from him.

In the homo sapiens different races with their characteristic shapes and colors based on different work from the pineal gland in relation to absorption and internal organization of light were organized.

The pigmentation of the various races clearly shows the different types of operation with respect to light.

Currently, all races converge towards a "center of gravity" of the species, gradually producing more evolved than the previous separate breeds new synthetic man.

In such a being, all races make their contribution progressive transmission of genetic characters eliminated by simple factors regressive evolution.

The fact of the man being an animal especially historical (unlike other species) puts him in a position not only to build on previous experiences but his reflexes and instincts have come, especially, puts it in a position to change biological and mental structure.

Theory on the historical process

The history of mankind is the story of overcoming the old for the new, the accumulation of social experience.

The generational dialectic (law ​​of overcoming the old for the new, in terms of human history) explains that in every historical moment in the fight several generations coexist: one that is in power; the struggle for access to it; which is learning and displaced the elderly and children (the latter enters training, while he was in power shifts to old age and is replaced by fighting against it).

Every generation revolutionary struggle to seize power when the ratio between assets and members of that class are significantly unbalanced.

  The general historical process starts with isolated groups of hunter-gatherers that are complemented with other groups and then synthesized into a "center of gravity", which begins to emerge a culture or civilization.

This cycle follows the law until it disintegrates.

Progressive factors passed to the next civilization, observed throughout the process, all civilizations, converging towards a synthetic planetary civilization.

The "center of gravity" towards which all civilizations coincide with the new evolutionary leap the species, following the scheme of the creative centers and the expansion of these centers.

Theory of the structure of man

a) The centers

Individually considerate man, he observed in "centers" of control.

These centers are locations of certain activities that coincide with areas of the nervous system. Of course the psychic work is structural, but unlike the centers for the exaltation of certain activities.

Thus: in the cerebral cortex of conscious processes are verified; in the limbic area, the emotional processes; in the medulla, the motor.

At all times are working simultaneously all centers but one sicobiológica energy predominates over the other in each activity, or, as their velocities are different, the activity appears in some earlier than others.

For example, when suddenly a car stops next to a person, he experiences the good defensive reflexes, then feel the emotion of fear or passion of anger and finally reconsiders what happened and think about the consequences that had or could have had the event.

When a center acts on the other it says that shoots energy at the expense of the rest as you normally work more than the others, is said to be overloaded and has more patterns, more tracks, more recordings than others.

Each person has a more marked preferably working with a cross into the other and each center with a part of it or a sub-part trend.

The parts and sub​​-parts (center) points are distinct activities.

Not to be confused with their centers or plexus nerve endings.

The cardiac plexus reflects the emotions; the solar plexus movements; plexus sexual phenomena of sex.

But the control centers of these activities are the nervous system and not in the plexus.

From the evolutionary point of view, motor develops from the instincts and reflexes; later and later emotionality, intellect manifests.

No doubt that a new evolutionary step should cause the emergence of a new role and a new synth-type center.

This evolutionary process is verified in animal species and in man himself from his early days of life until it joins the conditionally everyday world.

For the actual current human life do not need a new center begins operating.

b) Levels of consciousness

Level of consciousness is the general condition of the structure of consciousness of a human being at any given moment, in which a center (and a specific part) absorbs the greatest amount of energy consumption at the expense of others.

We distinguish the following levels: sleep, semi-sleep, ordinary waking consciousness, and objective consciousness.

c) Human Types

Every human being has from birth, further development of a cross on the other. In this situation are "types", thus: vegetative, motor, emotional and intellectual.

They differ by the different rates of reaction to stimuli and the direction of energy.

The innate human type, more experiences and recorded over the course of life habits, produce the personality of each individual.

d) Personality and substance

Personality is the set of habits (autonomic, motor, emotional and intellectual) acquired by the subject throughout life, combined with his innate human type. Personality is so biographical, part of the personal history of each subject.

Personality is the mask, the outer bark with which every human being is covered to confront the world. As an individual acts in different environments, use different barks to confront them.

The essence, however, is what remains of a subject after reducing its protective shell after cutting his biography to his innate elements.

In essence there is little that can be said as the external manifestation and even internal representations of a subject are almost entirely personal.

In the psychology of people to coincide with that of others (including offline); at night dreams of different people of different cultures, where similar images are verified, or mental "climates" emerge non-biographical elements, not personal.

e) Dreams and reveries

At times of deep sleep the appearance of images is recorded to them are called dreams.

In that situation, the sleeper has considerably diminished its faculties of criticism and self-criticism.

The suggestive power of dreams is high, it is believed in them without internal discussion.

In the waking state, akin to the images of dream activity also appear.

Sometimes we talk about "daydreaming" or simply "dreaming".

The suggestive power of such images no longer has the strength of sleep but still makes the higher intellectual faculties from being tarnished. You can recognize in most dreams a source of distraction.

It is very difficult to follow a mathematical sequence correctly if you are dreaming, this is obvious.

But dreams fulfill its role in everyday life. One may say that dreams are not rational responses to external stimuli.

You can also vérselos as offsets from different layers of the personality that are mobilized by the action of the various centers and in response to external stimuli.

f) Core dream

The key, however, is the presence of the core dream is general and widespread response to particular stimuli that are structurally organized in consciousness.

Personality changes when the core is worn and is replaced by another.
Because of this, the core is considered the "center of gravity" of the personality.

Each life stage corresponds biological change and a concomitant transformation of the core as well: childhood, adolescence, youth, maturity, decline and old age sets corresponding to these changes.

Mechanical changes in individuals of the same age, are those that explain the emergence of temporal or generational classes. Seen this way, each generation is mobilized according to the core dream of its own.

School work tends to displace other mechanical core that polarizes towards the whole human structure and individual development and evolution of all species.


Tool self

The training system is an effective tool to know. But it is not that these practices may result in the release of human beings.

The best contribution to a good set of practices is to be able to put in issue, place the subject in a position to properly understand the issues with respect to himself and others, and properly formulate the options presented throughout his life .

It should be clear that there is no deliverance through theories or practices.

Support for personal development

The system of practical tools to couple self serves as an aid to personal and social development as it is not only to take into account the system of practice to learn the operation itself but also to exploit the possibilities of it and Likewise, it serves to understand others and consider their potential for development and the factors that threaten it

Support for the development of other

Knowing the problems of others and the factors that impede the development of the human being, can through a system of practices, raise awareness to significant groups of people from their own difficulties and possible solutions, while they provides guidance in its development.

Personal practices system

a) Self-knowledge: Composed of a set of techniques autobiography, biorhythm, study circles and prestige personality, dreams and secondary study tracing kernel dream.

b) Practice correction and improvement: To check the operation of the centers and parts: vegetative, motor, emotional, intellectual and above.

c) Expansion of consciousness (ADMI Work): The ADMI work, allows access to the level of self-awareness. As argued in this practice, self-awareness can be consolidated gradually.

System action practice in the middle

If it is consistent with the idea of ​​personal development for all humanity, correctly understand the doctrine that explains man as well sicobiológico be historical and social structure, personal practice can not be divorced from social practice.

As fall social conditioning, the field of personal development will be more apt.

Social practice is based on these few ideas:

1) Fighting for world peace and against violence and against the physical, economic, racial and religious violence.

2) The fight against all forms of authoritarianism, which prevents the creation and personal and collective evolution.

3) Fight for social, cultural and psychological liberation. Against capitalist exploitation, colonialism, cultural and psychological coercion.

4) the same basic living conditions for all human beings, in other words, equal economic basis to allow development without exclusions.

5) Location of the economy, science, technology and art in human scale, ie, the total service of man.

The forms of struggle for social, cultural and psychological release correspond to action tactics adapted to the circumstances in the world.

The greatest enemies of this total revolution are: capital, authoritarianism and religions. These enemies take different masks but in all cases constitute the external brake for the integral development of the human race.

If these ideas we took them to their actual and final reduction, we would say that the desire, the dream and the dream are the ultimate enemies of humanity.

IV. Disciplines

The four disciplines

There are only four possible disciplines:

The alchemical discipline that still retains that name and the object is to cause the transformation of man, acting from things. Particular examples appear in conceptions of the Doctrine and Practice.

Transcendental meditation teaches the process and management of the mechanisms of consciousness, transforming it into its development and exercise.

Elements of Transcendental Meditation appear for example in the ADMI system, but it is not mentioned discipline.

Morphological discipline that teaches the management process forms.

These forms, which act on and transform consciousness. Morphological elements are apparent in the symbols, working with "machines" (points, horoscopes, trees, engrams, etc.).

  These morphological elements are not the morphological discipline that is a long process step by step.

The discipline called "our yoga" Unlike private yogas.

Enables transformation acting from the body.

Elements of this discipline are in the mobilization of energy centers.

Disciplines and Crafts

The disciplines are the specific work of the School. Anyone who participates in any of them, you must also master a trade.

From the point of view of the School trades correspond to what in the ordinary sense would the arts, but there are differences between them that fulfill the function and the design of the trade strictly from the point of view without the School accepted by someone to take care of him for introducing disciplines.

Finally, it should be added that the School can also be entered via trades.

Disciplines and guidance

But there is the difficulty disciplines that his teaching is in all cases, personal, experimental and creative.

There is always someone having more experience oriented in the way; always try to go step by checking the path that always runs in which he is entering the disciplines is re-created.

Therefore, your participation in this work in all cases, is active in regard to problematize and resolve.

Who teaches, does not solve problems, but the highlights and in any case correct the deviations.

There are only four possible types of disciplines, those that guide the transformation from things, which they do from one's mind, which made ​​him from that other forms and running it from the body.

Synthesis on school issues

Doctrine gives totalizing answers about the world, history, the man and the meaning of existence.

The practice is an effective tool to meet, develop and assist in the development of others.

The disciplines are specialized working systems that lead to deep knowledge and liberation of consciousness.

The disciplines are specific school systems, unlike the body of knowledge and set of practices.

The Doctrine and Practice, may be disseminated by the esoteric language and not necessarily from person to person.

These forms of work may be partially or fully disclosed, resulting in always some benefits, despite the distortions that could be operated.

We ended our development here explaining the function of the school is not in the scientific training of its members.

His knowledge is not speculative, not intended technical amendment thereto world that seeks the conventional technique.

School knowledge is incorporated as direct transformations taking place in the operator unlike what happens with the incorporation of knowledge in speculative science development.

Technical School are also in the service of the integral transformation rather than simply serving partial transformations of external reality.

H. van Doren
Santiago, June 1973


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