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States Internal - Spontaneous talk given by Ernesto H. de Casas in Cullera, 1986 - Revised - Mendoza - May-June 2015 - V1.2

Picture: Rafael Edwards

Introduction: This presentation has been updated for better understanding but mostly good to know that the idea was, and is, close, familiar with these important issues of our literature guide.


Let's talk a little about this chapter of the Inner Look Silo1

It is deeper than the so-called 'moods' by quoting them, and here are regarded as closely related and passing each other in a sense' ascendente'2 or down.

It is different from the usual approach, one is so identified with such statements one believes 'that's it', but states, changing, there understand, sometimes they are intricate, but with dedication, sharing with others, may be taking distance, managing better, and even transform, adverse to optimize scenes landscapes, and go forward in personal evolution we have chosen.

They mention in passing myths, authors and others who mention these issues, so translated, in order to show that this kind of 'inner map' has already been treated, intuited, described some manera3, albeit partially made, confirming its universality .

I am confident that this development will be useful.

Let's see:

The text says "__Debes now acquire sufficient perception of internal states in which you can find along your life ...".

In other words, one does not think normally you think happens to me this or that, one feels or sees things on his mind in some circumstances, but not in an internal state.

A state from which one lives ... and that vary throughout life, particularly along your evolutionary work.

Ie along the evolutionary work goes through various states. All live in a way everything as being dictated by these internal states, which are in some way as and otherwise in another state.

The first state is where the non-sense prevails.

In the non-sense, things do not make sense and is why I recently told them that: things seem to be well but not completely so. One says phrases like: "__ Is that really ... because it is ... if ... but look, is that it depends ..., everything is relative, so can not see the thing." And all varies greatly.

And there is a sense, that is, there is no north, then where is north ?: !, there two hours north So here is to the west? ... And so everything ....

It is known as the state of simple and diffuse vitality. Simple; It means that basic needs are acting is not it? And diffuse vitality; one is not very clear in what you think, believe, feel ...

Everything is oriented by physical needs, is not it ?: housing, food, a number of things. But these are often confused with contradictory images and desires.

So then if one wants to leave the nonsense could have the audacity to see what I have desires and contradictory images have.

Then I can write a column NEEDS,

another column: WISH

and in another column contradictory images.

Those things you want and do not want at once: I smoke but want to stop, I want to win but I will not spend, and always here, pum, pum, pum.

There is no definition in the grounds and chores.

That is, there is no transparency in attitudes is said "__This friend who walks not know, I do not know; or this friend comes up with something you do not understand ... "and we started with confusion and vagueness of reasons and one thing is, everyone is doing something does not it? And in the background they are not sure what it is interesting is it not?

Everything appears colored by the diffuse vitality, so it can never clarify things. Typically, when someone is in this is that you and say, you said that day and that hour, no such thing! And I replied 'No, actually I said, but what I meant was ...'

And you can not "catch the fish because it escapes" (laughs).

It remains there vegetating, as a vegetable (laughs), lost in varying forms, from that point you can evolve only in two ways: 'the way of Death or Mutation' he tells us what the text- is that?

I like it because it gives a precision, or one is in a difficult state and can only leave this state in one form or another, can not leave forty forms.

Interestingly, there is an inflexible logic in these things. Not in any way, even one like it. Do you mean the way of death or mutation is not it? Mutants you know them right? Those things are coming well within a species and suddenly comes out with something else, with a variation, a mutation!

Do not you know that there ?: eg roses: planting roses, roses are usually pink and suddenly a Blue Leaves. A mutation. But that is not expected for any seeds, you can not say this seed planted and will come out a blue rose.

Then, how do we do? We no longer clear the way for the mutation. I have a number of problems but one day I will change suddenly bam! I will mutate and I will be another, different and better: tall, handsome, clear and how I'm going to mutate and from one day to the other? Then as I do not get, I sophistication of behavior and roles, and 'seems' I've changed ...

Let's see what is the way of death or die must be either dead, funeral and everything (laughter). Do not you ever have given the condolences? Why you have died yourself? (Laughs) It's fun, test, test: My deepest sympathy! - A himself (laughs). It is an irony.

No one dares to die for the world right ?, die for nonsense, one always retains things, images, feelings, ideas, beliefs, retains all that ... landscapes in short, to keep believing that give identity; but in reality they are a burden, it should be free of it. When in fact be ruled out, throw away, especially negative things and relieve load and traced, as zeppelins, balloons that dirigibles pulling weight overboard to rise, that is the idea of ​​'die' ie leave stuff. Unstuck. Detachment. It brother one does feel relieved, renovated ...

"The path of Death puts you in the presence of a dark and chaotic landscape. The ancients knew this passage and almost always placed underground or in the deep ocean ... ", which is abysmal, of abismo4.

Instructors also visited the kingdom and then raise light levels. As one who went to see the dead, very dead, and said do not stay here and was resurrected and went up, right? - In many myths contained this passage to go to the underworld and return to life But what matters is to rescue the record of what produced this abysmal ... like that of 'being in front of the precipice' and react!

While this captures that death is under diffuse vitality. Perhaps the human mind associates the mortal disintegration to subsequent processing and perhaps also associate the diffuse movement before birth. All it complicated. If your address is rising death means ... what?

ANSWER: Breaking with the previous stage.

Very good! He won you a prize! Do you you had read? That is to die for! Leave the above to keep repeating that not everything always ...

By way of Death you ascend to another state. What a paradox? As I die and ascend !: That to me was finished. Step by something else. It is understood?

But you can stay in diffuse vitality and everything is vague, indefinite ... it depends! Of course, before you're talking about a number of things with no connotations with the problem of death.

That is our biggest problem is the mortal fear of death.

How I'm going to die tomorrow ?, Why am I here? If I'm not going to be later, what came?

What do I do if I do then I will not be and who will follow?

As the body disintegrates ... say, because we have not experienced, then one imagines that everything will disintegrate ... then why I do what I do?

Does the problem go?

Tomorrow, the future is fantastic, all full of projects, but in the end one dies, part (dies) and that enruida, stuns, clouded the present; It's like when you go to the cinema and the end of the movie ends badly, has a bad end ... Then you wonder why I came to see? But one is already in 'the movie of life' and must be lived to the end and see how continues. It's like those TV series that says, 'to be continued' - to be continued ... How funny!

It is then that during the film-that meaning in life will go formalizing something more consistent, firm, durable and can continue after the disintegration of the body Now that's interesting!

So we die and breaks with the previous stage and now we come to another state. It's like a kind of 'psychological death'. End a psychological, not physical. There are some cultural expressions that allude to this, like saying 'In my next life ...' (and refer to another stage), or, 'I had a first life, now a second, etc.'5 ...

"Coming to him the refuge of Regression from there two paths are open," meaning that one is here dies and rises.

"The remorse and the other who served for promotion", ie the way of death.

"If you take the first it is because your decision is to break with your past life. "This break with the past life we ​​must emphasize, here are a turning point (a" turning point '). One before and one after. Super interesting! 'By the way, this we know because when one is ill, low spirits, one must know that' follow ', the next state is better.

One has remorse of conscience, one is aware, no other than give them the same care nothing; nothing does not worry them, are irresponsible and not reconsider anything is not it ?, not portray everything they did, what happened to purify both with yourself and with the others and then nothing, one dies recontramuerto, returns to the previous stage, bim! Intensified nonsense.

Well, the text tells us: "If you take the first is because your decision tends to break with your past life. If you return to the path of death destroy your evolutionary and recaes possibilities under the earth. With that sense of inner circle. " And so the person is there, and want to change, then you have to do a number of things, especially making decisions, try other way of life, and say, well, I'll try to change a little, otherwise, do not try and nothing back, no one stays in the same place ... is going to regress.

Regression is called so, because it is again the same as before, in that closed bad memories, of non overcome conflicts and other circle, all repetitive, is that of "You're always with the same!" - And can be several years-.

Then either one Remorse (repentance) or death, then ... nothing will actually make sense, before I was right, and you go down to the depths permanently. Remorse (repentance) is when you say 'I should not have done that, better to have decided otherwise, and others have known better. " Rethink things, images, climates are relaxed; to reset otherwise (re-set as a PC!).

"But I said, -the text- had another path to escape the abysmal vitality and mutation was" eh, that where we're going to have sudden changes effortlessly wonderful garden will be full of blue roses, green carnations, various flowers say; all mutated, all it changed. But with the same weeds before the famous weeds, without taking.

"If you choose this route you want mutation is emerging, -irrumpir-, your sorry state but without being willing to abandon some of its apparent benefits." Lighter impossible not willing / y to leave ... So it's about having a new willingness to, if available otherwise (to change).

Do you get the idea? Is that going up but some of the dirty tricks that I learned down, that to outwit the devils, hellfire used to make the stew, the food? Unchanged? (Laughter)

Things you think you can take advantage, hence below, you want to keep, then continue with those Masses things, those tricks or 'dirty tricks'; Sometimes one is this: 'half angel and half monster'.

It's like those people who are very nice, very friendly, and at one point out rare, shocking things that puzzle.

It is therefore a false road known as road "crooked hand"

Question: Do you mean that is crooked, wrong, it will not, that is wrong?

ANSWER: Yes, indeed, it is something to malicious sooner or later is uncovered and all goes worse. I think that has to do with doing things 'in good faith' or 'bad faith' here already complicates everything wrong ...

Then it is best explained 'to take heaven by assault' ie instead of going slowly and discarding heavy things, the want to keep on the rise, and impetuously rushing, breaking into a high level. It looks like the compulsions. It will not work!

So that more or less re concerned. Okay, moving on.

"Many monsters have emerged from the depths of this tortuous passageway."

Of course, one reads this and says "many monsters have come out of this tortuous passage" and you do not think you'll go down the street and will find such a monster and not so well, but you can find people heavy weather, negative ideas inconsistent stories etc. ...

But give us daily News countless reports of people just by ideology or crime, projected in the social environment and sow aberrations horrors everywhere. It's like the speech says, 'where every day is an effort cut short by death "or" No false doors to end violence ... There are no politics that can solve this mad urge for violence "and proposes a solution.' internal interna'6 faith and meditation. task we have to do.

The important thing to note here is that this is because people with very contradictory landscapes, and images, tensions, climate, emotions, throwing the social environment, hitting others and hence its consequences. Not for anything else, like a fate, or astrological whims etc.

I had a friend, a child who unfortunately ended very bad, mad, crazy would say. It was my village, I met him last country in another time, but totally inconsistent, poor; but one wonders how someone might end well, if we played when we were kids?

Sure, it grew, grew older and got into a very complicated mental labyrinths and too contradictory. Shame. Sure, if so, it is on a twisted mind way and sooner or later it ends badly, nothing.

Maybe they wanted to take heaven by assault, as says the text-without abandoning the hells and therefore have projected infinite contradiction world average.

That is, people who are in 'hell' that is to say in the pure and simple contradiction, in conflict, or destructive and self-destructive, are doing weird things all day and suddenly decide to climb, to go to the lights, because all of that is very interested in, that is going up but retaining the bottom, the worst of himself.

That's like saying __Quiero advance, but do not want to change up.

For example say __Estoy well, I have nothing, etc. but look and say that it is desirable change this or that, and usually justified: __ no, not you, - you have misunderstood me! Stubborn insistiendo- man says not to change their edges, stubborn man not to change his nightmares (to the detriment of themselves and others). Then: aspires to move forward, anyway ... (Error)

While passing the 'hell to heaven' is the middle ground, that is where we all live in the midst of confusion and a series of contradictions, and many unresolved complications, is a mess in the middle, with suffering for oneself and for others. All this we can fall over, that is, it is all much more complicated, even, so perhaps irreversible ...

And if you do not have the courage to admit it, then he wants to go up, anyway, "I'm over here now, well, I am very spiritual, living heavenly things, even though I speak any more (ie, experience and acts little ... ) ".

And you have to go through the midplane, where demands and needs, but you do not want to meet and undertake a "flight from the median plane."

It is a daring, presumptuous, without duda7, there is a case where people speak 'of the Good Thief', that despite their earthly evils would go to paradise ... But who can do that by going up and down all the time long time? I do not know.

Well, returning to the idea of ​​arranged, predispose and go trying to debug, change. Make concessions, we can move forward, rising genuinely, realizing that there is so valuable, it really interesting and not in the fascination and attachment that produce weird stuff ...

We are here at a difficult stage and the only way to overcome this rather paradoxically - is to die for that stage. Interest death, death heavy memories. One says 'Me that does not go, it does not resonate me, I'm not interested' then bup! I leave there, a shorter path called remorse (which is also repentance).

It's like forgetting things a little inconvenient, although not so easy to forget, with all the things that happened in his life. But you may be going removing load desdramatizando, downplaying and starting to load and emotional importance to the upward path.

You can not easily forget. Above all wrong actions. We must re-bite, you bite memories and assimilate, integrate them, it is the best understood and eliminated.

And then, I should not have done so would have reacted differently, that was silly but now I'm going to do and then you are in that cauldron of things until there going to be a resolution.

But if I suddenly think I have no problem, I'm great, I'm extraordinary, then I go by mutation up but remained below anchored eventually go down, and maybe once, and by the 'pipe firefighters' did you see? Zuuuuum!

Well, we have already achieved this: rising from the realm of death, black, like a cemetery, sometimes with 'mental wounds' - those who are in it mentally hurt others, hurt people; exerted psychological violence are destructive, in short, all that harmful mess is not it?

And "by your conscious repentance" is advancing 8 is better, it is precisely the path of self-liberation, which benefit others as also happens. In other words, one has to deliberately reflect on all that and pass it. Therefore we recommend "reflect on one's life"

"You've already arrived at the home of the trend. Practically, you can not stop. " Very interesting, let's get to a place where there are situations where one prevailing trends.

This is a situation that also will agree to have it clear because sometimes you get confused, say, it is a vocation, a close interest of one, a way of being with trends that are sometimes a little mechanical and if one is left not only in trends comes out.

There are people I see who has a tendency to talk a lot and do it all the time and believe that it clarifies to others; but it is not, following the mere mechanical tendency to talk a lot, like one that has the mechanical tendency to remain silent, and says it's not that I do not want to disturb others, I do not mean things are not important no, you are a total inhibited, you tend not to speak and these mechanical tendencies is like putting the skis under the snow, low, but low for low tendency not because you made an effort, so beware with trends, there are some good, should be exploited, but there is another that go to the other side.

You can not rest too long, you notice, you can not rely on the trends of one, practically you can not stop there.

Then "two thin ledges hold your dwelling; Conservation and Frustration. Conservation is false and unstable "in that state of mind that says' I'm fine here do not bother me, I do not want many changes for me going to worry, that everything remains as it is." Of course, all that is conservation is a problem; because everything is in dynamic motion. Clinging to non-change is complicated.

You can not preserve the natural things or changed, and improved, or lost. So unstable.

"Walking through it you ilusionas with the idea of ​​permanence", one believed to be permanent, fixed, firm, active, doing things and it is not; he simply wants to be conservative ... "But in reality you descend rapidly." Someone told me once that had happened or period of your life when you felt like being in quicksand, where it would sink at any moment ... That is the situation we study here.

Instead, "If you take the path of Frustration your ascent is arduous but only non-false". Here we are urged to take the frustrations, what went wrong, or not work out, we have to assume, and also repair, correct; review, why, why, what happened, and go to a new thing, so I'm frustrated, I did not leave me and fracasé.9

We said from the beginning: "__Mi teaching is not for the winners but for failure leading to the bottom of one's heart itself." That is because the author warns us that his preaching is not for exitistas and why? Because they have so many pictures with it, that leave no room for more interesting and profound ...

Also interesting why frustration and failure? because dreams fall, when you feel so I went wrong is no longer in the dreams of before, around and with failure long story. Of course we must be careful not to fall into depressive states called with discouragement, lacking valuable energy to restart attempts.

So it is interesting that things go wrong, very wrong, then there is no longer any false expectations, no delusion, no falsehood, on not what; It not, what went wrong, recontra wrong and if I go there will be even worse.

Better, a total failure, I totally demoralized, anxious, failed and want to go (laughs) ... (that of 'stop the world I want to get off') to resume to resume real roads. It would be the proposition.

Ending my days of hardship, that's liiiiindo because if one grasps the tip! Aha! you can start something new, because if you are in this stage a small illusion, insurance problems.

There are many known cases in literature and film, obviously, where the scene is that there have been problems and suddenly a little light on the way, he picks up, but bam! Another downfall. It may be because it was not finished and was failing a small illusion that disturbed the clear vision. Failure it is assumed, is studied without false pride, is recognized and try again on the other side otherwise. With truth. That is about the issue of failure and frustration.

Now let's look at the audience, the general public: while the general public has illusions floating in the air, we can not connect well, because they believe that things have changed, they were doing secundariedades and manages life; then we like Tarzan jumping from vine to vine, from illusion to illusion are you fixed? (Laughter). In another language must leave the false doors.

Well, coming from nonsense, we go through various situations, where the important thing is not to stay in none- and then we go up. But there are potential pitfalls, like desert mirages, there seems to be something, but there is not ... You notice as is the problem? So this is a very important issue: it is the only non-false way. So when things go wrong, or do not go, you have to evaluate, weigh, discard what does not go and start new things, taking into account the successes, what works, what valid, giving something that internal drive we have learned to this point, which is our internal, external-no. You have to absorb, assimilate errors, never to repeat or continue the same trend. It is assumed and continues.

"From failure to failure you can reach the next break called the abode of Detour."

How interesting! Here one can opt for a change, move to one side or another.

Who would think that one would climb from failure to failure! You think it's like what's in the media, 'a career of successful years, "the 50 greatest hits' ...

In that context, if you say 'from failure to failure' which sank seems forever, but no, that's where you learn it progresses. And now, Faites atention, we tuned:

"Beware of the two tracks you have now before us" -in this never would rest "or take the path that leads to resolution Generation" ... and it gets interesting, we are entering a better area , creativity ... in our big issues, "or you take that of Resentment makes you descend back into the regression."

That is the most normal and mechanic might happen: I have attempted, have gone wrong things, failure, and not assume anything, rather I get angry - ah¡ anger, rage resent me, I blame the others and, finally, did not understand anything, of education, of life itself; I won neither money nor prestige, a ruin ... and this is another culprit is always other people (laughs). It is in this state not to recognize or assume mistakes, failures, dreams ... Typically the mechanical and blame others and suffer, say very angry with the other, blaming it of all evil, self and others.

With resentirme10 with the other I do not win anything, I do not advance How extraordinary! Then I see the other and says, What? But you're wrong, if I had nothing to do with it. __Oh no? No. Well, now what ?, who I resent me and look for another. And I always look for 'enemy' to resent someone and someone; what keeps me down there.

We often find people at a time are very friendly and at another time 'something happens', and everything goes wrong, and so the relationship deteriorates, and that resentment is emerging that all mine. Since it implies resentment, hatred, revenge, all those ugly things, but they give a boost to life. With some flavor, some taste and meaning; when someone gets angry, it's like it's all right, she likes (?). It has a reason to live, surely false. For example, before not want to do anything, now I want to hang (laughs).

When one suffers, it is less free, always aware of 'the something' that struck down and makes you also always comes back to that time and again with the failures, lies and that's very heavy! - 'Pesan'- Memories. So high are not subtle feelings, on the contrary, these are very heavy things, throw down, upset ... they say "what heavy thing".

Then "you're standing there facing the dilemma: either you choose the labyrinth, -Labyrinth no less conscious of life ...

Is that this does not come easy, do not come here a meadow, a rainbow, a cottage with garden, no, it does not come like that. It is labyrinthine, complex, difficult, therefore there is a challenge, a challenge, to solve all this well. You have to go here, there and attentive. And so we go, is life itself. Why were you born? A challenge to the intelligence!

And we are told that you should go with choice, not half-hearted in this complex space has been willing to go that "what you do with resolution," that is, with an intention in force, with great determination.

But the matter is that one does well settled that way, but sometimes not, sometimes it does not. And then "you go back or resentful - again- to your previous life." What previous life had? (Laughter).

Think, always, all former life was worse, and what do you want then go back to that? Eh! Why would back one at a previous life, he was sure worse than this? Well there are people who perhaps had a better life than this for sure, and suddenly it falls, it deteriorates.

And this can have serious consequences, as the text warns: "There are many who not having been overcome, cut your chances there forever." Listen well to this: cut your chances there forever. So the resentful people can cut their chances forever. Is it possible? UMMMM! Go and talk to a resentful! Go to deplete your hopes. No, they cut there forever.

That is, are linked to that frustrating, unresolved issue, and do not go away, even with the passage of time ...

So you have to be a little firm and decided to go where appropriate, liberating. And having so many friendly people who I will address the broadest possible way to avoid being stuck with people of bad feelings. And when it comes to helping others, I will with all my means, but if someone wants to get attached to the rock and not waste my time. Because I have so much to do! Boing! (Laughter).

"But you who have ascended with resolution now find yourself at the inn - inn, not a hostel, not a five-star hotel a little inn just like that, as something temporary ... (laughter) - is as transient - known as Generation. " Generation is important when you start to generate, produce things, many things are generated, one here is creative, generates, from the verb produce, produce, cause something. As a generator, it produces light beep! That is one gets to produce things. That's where - I think -there be located, positioned, installed, always there !, to generate things, the inn generation, not in the heaviness, is light, and there you start to generate, produce , one way or another; that something is me, that if I do another thing is generated, tested, tested and advances ... is always advisable to be located here in the generación'.11

"But there are three doors" AAAAHHH! One believed that the matter was already ready, but we have three doors. Here lies for example the inventiveness, creative, the enlightened attitude of always like playing possibilities, trying possibilities, but one is generating good things.

You have three doors, "one called the Fall" uhu! Poof! By an oversight here, we can fall and leave behind everything I earned. Distractions are at the root of these falls ...

The other is called "Intent", do you see what I mean? The route of Intent is better, when something does not leave us, we did not stay quiet and not idly, but trying many things, now I will try, try an activity, to see how it is and then another, and so varying characteristics Following. I'll try somewhere else, otherwise, but do not stay still, discouraged, far from it. I'm trying and playing happily.

In addition, there is still the third is called: to see if they echoes this: "Degradation" ... Ha, ha ... This can be done, let's try and see how it is easy to gradar everything it does. Go if you can. (Laughter). It is very common to find people that degrades what he did at one time in his life, detracts and one would not believe, would not be q something happened and you fell into degradation? And so it degrades who does everything, even with interesting things in themselves ... Who is wrong often degrading situations where it was in place to recognize the mistake ...

As the poem says, "And the dove, he was wrong, he was wrong ... 12" Did you know? We stress that it is an important point of self recognize own mistakes.

When you attack someone, you must first de-I gradarlo, take the degree that things have or people have.

Of course one has come to a place but has not arrived, it has become limp and fall. Taking a little heaven for assault and as you can not stay, then begins to degrade everything that is there to this level do you understand?

So people degraded, because it seems never got well deserved mode. Interesting.

"The Fall takes you directly to the depths and only - just- an external accident can push you toward it. It is difficult to choose this door. " So that one has come to the Generation and did a little effort, producing ideas and feelings and working with proposals.

The occurrence is an act of here. A person who is in the generation comes up with interesting things. But that recommended we note that always comes to mind.

It's very important, because those cases in which it is said are given: is that I was not told, is that I did not get the information. And why not him? Why not inferred by itself? That is interesting and not remain passive.

One is housed there, one has to deploy in generation. If one does not get some information, but you are in that state, one comes up with things, one infers, warns and generates, produces things along. As those people who invent things. For example, how is it possible that two men invented the telephone at the same time without going over information? They were generating. Simultaneously! That has happened with many things and many times ... The inventiveness goes with the generation.

It seems that inventors always pass them those very things internally generated.

It must be located there, generating, but of course one is not exempt from accidents, especially mental accidents, neglected, I do not know what happens and bam! It falls as a tube, an accident. Sure, accidents always happen, how is it that one does such a thing happen? It was neglected, or bizarre thoughts, images that distract ...

It is difficult to choose that door ... no one chooses to fall, or parachuting, go from and dizzying, one is to himself.

"While the degradation that takes you indirectly to the abyss, retracing, - retracing ... how is - roads are made to retrace paths ... in a sort of turbulent spiral in which you continually consider all lost and all sacrificed on the altar of an unknown god, or unknown god. "

That's what people think, he was doing so many things and left many others, sacrificed to become something important, interesting ... __Fíjate say everything I left, I made efforts and yet now treat me thus, etc. How they treat you well? You what you've searched for that! do not? What did I do to deserve this? Now I have done this or that.

What did you do before you do that for? Why have you led to this thing? Aaaahhh interesting that. In that situation it begins to degrade because the reason which led to the election itself.

So this thing that I'm here but left many others, I have sacrificed something and blame "something external" that now I do not have valuable things, prestige etc. because if I had spent that it was better to be in this, it would be better ... a mindset rare, and everything begins to degrade.

"This examination of consciousness that leads to Degradation is surely a false examination in which you underestimate and desproporcionas some things that you compare". Extraordinary! When you or someone comes into the question of the most amazing thing that degradation is always underestimated.

For example somebody says one day you treated me badly and the other says, will not be so bad.

When someone says something bad happened, tremendous and another person says "__Que no, no, that was not so," then, is like the feel is underrated, alien registration, and can not be underestimated.

Or, with the disproportion for example, often they cited terrible things that happen to people, and it is not so in reality. Here sometimes appears Degradation self, going all the issue of impairment, disproportion and, finally, of the rare things that underestimate the person.

"You will cotejas the effort of the ascent with those" benefits "you have left" is not it?

Indeed it may be that I would not go, really up, that's the problem, not the attempt and effort and makes excuses are made. "But if you look at things more closely, you will see that you have not abandoned anything for that reason but for others." Sure there are people who say: I did this, not because I was doing what ends such and such things. There are even cases that after a time change of life circumstances, resume postponed projects, it's interesting, because it was a genuine interest remained.

So if things were left sides, not appropriate to make any excuses, surely there are deeper reasons or motives. We must seek to inner truth

Degradation begins as misrepresenting the reasons that apparently were unrelated to the rise. "Degradation begins thus distorting the reasons that apparently were unrelated to rise." "I ask you now: What betrays the mind? Did the false motives of initial enthusiasm ... we talked yesterday that the initial enthusiasm. " Now, that suggests the text. Consider this, are not minor things, it is nonsense ...

"Perhaps the difficulty of the enterprise" ... Of course, some people think that others do things because they are great, I thought this was easier and what was not; is the common excuse: there are many difficulties. And also: "Did the false memories of sacrifices that did not exist or were driven by other motives." That is very important to accurately analyze how things start. Also note that when you take the resolution, one reaches that point, it comes from Vitality Fuzzy where everything is experienced as diffuse, is not well known, not even the reasons, or several things, as someone said " what happened to me, I did not know how, and I'm here ... "

Well, perfect view first step, now let's generation and we will try. We will make decisions if there are other reasons, such decisions uh, if I do certain things to have more prestige, or those strange things. It will not work…

Many people choose to do certain important things to have status or position, and not working. It is an ignoble reason. That's not right on walking.

In our case, we have the great theme of "humanizing the Earth ', if one seizes on it must be by choice of causes for that reason, because it is a valid action and a profound purpose, not for external trifles ...


"I tell you and ask you now: your house caught fire while" ... I mean do not say that now has trouble by this or that, because so many things are already complications before! That life is complex and it is difficult, in short, that the phrase 'because his house was burned before ...' implies a reflection on life itself from previous stages, to see when the projects were diverted and decided to compensate other temporary things like pleasures, possessions, prestige ....

"There is no doubt that you must choose the middle door." __ Which was?

A: Try.

Exactly! The text is necessary. So we have to choose to try to do things. It indicates that we choose, not something casual, but a beloved choice. "Climb the stairway of Intent" steps again to work and climbing, is laborious buhhh! I thought I had elevators, air conditioning (laughter) ... and "come to a cupola, dome! Unstable "; now it's once-shaky -another thing where if I wobble I can lose what has been achieved and low and I do not want to lose, obviously. Interesting this.

"From there scroll down a narrow, winding corridor that will meet for the fickleness". What is this? On one side is the fickleness, inconstancy, informality, but on the other is the versatility, diversity. It is a tendency to change. So we should be gaining strongly to the insecure, as it happens, because it is an important to follow path "to reach a wide, empty space (as a platform) named" Space-open-de -energy".

The images are complex and very suggestive ... I am in the generation and says well I now will try to do things that will happen to me, I will not be dependent on others, I discard the past, 'to the past He stepped 'they say, see what my mistakes and those of others, have all very clear and I now long to try things, to try to genuinely ask questions of importance.

So the thing is fickle right? As the gases are fickle, one releases a gas and takes up all the space, it is curious that. Then you can compress, must see that analogy, because the images themselves may be so, sometimes, soft, flexible, and not so rigid that they give no play anything.

To do such a thing seems impossible, if it faces with flexibility to the head can be advanced ... limits, fictitious times are extended, one is fickle, meaning flexible, open ('open minded') one is not closed, square as before; One is fickle, is flexible, occupies the space they fill, nothing is impossible, why not start one of: my resources are limited ..., let the "buts" and excuses aside.

While this is also one influenced, as one is fickle, is available and willing to go all one also is influenced: it goes anywhere, or waste time; so you have to have eye, go watch, and one feels he can face all, he wants to try everything. It says will try such a thing (or would think that before ...) perfect! It can be overcome by the new availability constraints.

Then there is an open space called Open Space energy. A mental opening occurs ... What good!

So now it comes another mental posture, another location, another thing is coming, and you feel free to back the past, one is for the future, willing to become and space of this. And it is important to understand that is the mindset of this derives all ...

How to say this, it's a great description does not it? That one finds high availability, with energy resources, finds no limitations, it is an open, wide space, no walls, corridors, doors that close to me, is not a dark, confusing space is an open space no energy, one feels the energy availability, but the text warns, "In that space can scare you in the wilderness and vast landscape and the terrifying silence of that night transfigured huge fixed stars".

So here you are describing a mental landscape in which one comes as a bend in the river where there is relative calm in which you can change things, make decisions and continue de-other-way. It seems that is not the noise of the past, for example, is not it? It is not fear of the future, but there are infinite possibilities, with a horizon and a huge future, vast, interesting thing, yet you get scared by the vastness, the enormity of the project, and the new sensation that we said that you could not before, now you can. Now we are again well prepared, undertake new, great things. 'One may ask - it would be great, but, as one begins, he asks.

But one feels spacious, feels liberated from the previous dead weight, feel that nothing slows it down. And that captures the great human tasks must be done from internal situations of this kind.

One wants, enthusiasm, that of own energy, translates as eager to do things, but there are several clear chances.

For example that of choosing which opt for something and nothing else, is a bit relative to this situation. That immensity of possibilities there, which'm willing to do, not overwhelm me, nor do I braked, but I'm already encouraged to go ahead and do what I am going to make a little plot.

So it's an exciting time, but we know that we must be silent because there if they get a noise, bang! and you enruidas, confused, and you lose what made you fall or get off a tube quickly. So there's going to happen ... you see the following:

There exactly "you will see on your head stuck in the firmament the suggestive form of the Black Moon," the black moon, dark, no bright moon, silver moon, no moon bouncing sunlight but the absorbent moon. Alludes to that confusion may occur.

Ah, ah, what image, and night, low light, like an eclipse of the moon say, and any movement in that darkness can lead to complications ... "There must await the dawn patiently and with faith, patience and with faith, for nothing bad can happen if you remain calm. "

Tranqui, tranqui ... that sort of eclipse that will happen. And sometimes to the next step you can only have faith that everything will be fine, but staying calm. A very unique situation.

This is very appealing, it is like to focus a moment to reflect on this issue, where one has come to an important situation after much effort and one can inadvertently confuse (and others); It is a good allegory. We admit that all words are very precise (internal) psychological situations, but we are using these allegories and references, and many already exist in various mitos.13

Then this black moon, was the goddess or do not know why, they had the Egyptians and others - the Egyptians had a lady with a moon in the head, a symbolism for the initiated, who came in some places with mirrors, corridors and these representations were experiencing - we now proceed with internal looks, do mental journeys, they instead created foreign real situations (such theatrics) to see how people are going behaving and others, these Egyptians did indeed. Something similar, I think, did the Greek mysteries with their masks originated tragedies lived where public dramatized domestic situations.

As in the theater or cinema, in a set, we prepared a set, a stage and invite them to act up someone on stage, acting and see if it works the other side, right? Then they put a reference X and is believed to be good guidance or direction, but maybe not, (laughter) and confused, the place jumps and finds another reference or brand and is believed to be better and one is passing well for various patterns leading to several cases right?

Until we reach this situation, where they are suggestive ways, it seems that teaches you and misleads how can this be? Okay. To do this forever: that is the psychological situation, ie in the space of energy, in that situation you have availability, that one can do anything, is the thing of infinite possibilities you look up and zápate! There are presents a false guide, reference false leads by confusion and confused up Fah!

These cases are, notorious some ...

So there can not be confused one. And if it happens, we must de-confused. And that's a big deal sum-of importance, because they are false pride, stubbornness and not be humble to step back and recognize, that's all it serves.

But if you stay calm is not it? He hopes that the thing is clarified. This inner calm is vital to have certainties. So let's wait a bit and that Claree the sun rose (certainty) there. One was dark in there and watching the sun rose over there .... ohh, look where we are, well, well ... (laughs).

Those who had faith and kept us calm, we are here. "It could happen in such a situation you would like to own inventiveness fix an immediate exit from there." One '__Bueno this mess I'm going to fix, let me, I will fix ...' it is said "if such a thing could happen, groping "- because it's still dark, one is tempted and start making decisions," encaminarte anywhere so as not to wait for the day wisely. " This we must learn: wait prudently, cautiously.

That's very interesting, those confusing days that one tries wildly different topics, but starts to confuse everyone. Instead, one is collected, is quiet, lets in the light ... we clarify also tells us: "You must remember that all motion is there false and generically called" how?

ANSWER: Improvisation.

Exactly, some people know this, and you begin to improvise, to do this or to do that, and begins to improvise without pre-actions sudden preparation and pulls out a rarity after another, is not true? Some may be entertaining or amusing, but not accurate.

And seriously warns: "If, forgetting what I mention now, you begin to improvise movements on your own, be sure that you would be dragged by a whirlwind between trails and purple to dark background of the solution".

Then you begin to improvise, one came to generation, illusory failures leaves, comes to the generation begins to try different things, is in the attempt and starts to improvise. Just what we should not do. Little calm, quiet, to see how things, eh ... sap! To improvise and then one down the whirlwind and dissolves, there was nothing. And what happened to so and so, no 'were not the shoes' ...

This darker than serious, even to dissolve further. You think that even so, in the darkest, after a while the eye adapts. It happens, you get to a room and see nothing, I see half an hour after all, if it was nice not to see (laughs). It is amazing, the view is always adapted to the darkest, and if you will, some claridad14 always emerge and continue. You have to love her.

"How difficult it must be for you to understand how the internal states are chained to each other! If you could see what inflexible logic the consciousness has, advertirías in the situation described who blindly improvise, "What is interesting is that! There are two ideas here: one chains, as some acts lead to others and is not easy to stop the inertia. The other is that "blindly improvise 'leads to more complications, a little that the' as if '. Pretend to be known can be risky.

As to not try one out of frustration good way, mechanically it comes to resentment and you think you have done an elaboration, but no. I am very disgusted with the things that have made me, this and that. Everything a chain ...

And the text continues: "fatally begins to degrade, to degrade the other, but also to degrade.

That is why one must not allow certain things, because the permittivities can lead to this mess.

Go !, which I do not allow this to myself anymore.

Then one there gets a stick, a cap, and no longer low.

Because you can go 'downhill in the shot'. After frustrated "is going to fall into resentment, and death Coming up forgetting what someday yet understand."

Someone once told me: How can it be, we did so many things with a friend, so many studies and activities, and now, after a while, as q is forgotten, everything ...? Thus, at a time when everything was clear, it was all very special and then down and degrade all ... it is an inflexible way of consciousness. One thing leads to another, the fact that an intention in going in an interesting direction. Hence, when we recommend 'permanence' it is something important in time.

That happens in many cases, and there are serious, who after sublime and inspired glimpses levels inaudítos15.O be lowered, after those high moments, inspired unfortunately may happen, do you understand?

If it happens, very sensitive, as it will not happen to anyone special people, though less dramatic, that at some point sees everything clear and then you forget or get confused and go the trouble ...

And by 'ecology of mind', because this has to do with the mental and ecological balance, so to speak, someone deranged well, you know how contaminated the others? There are cases profusely.

TV leaves you crazy these and you polluter million viewers with its downstream planteítos. Bueh.

Now he tells us "If you manage to reach the esplanade day," we saw the esplanade, is not it? Generation, open energy space, the fixed stars, the transfigured night, imagine a night that is transformed, so it is not an ordinary night, is not a night you fall asleep, it's not a night like this It is very special and beautiful.

"If you manage to reach the esplanade day, emerge before your eyes the bright sun that is to light thee first reality. Then, you will see that in everything that exists lives Plan "

We have finally reached daylight, clarity and needed first sees reality. That is 'dreamless'. Very real interesting things are now seen.

This is interestingly, strange, different, it's funny, it seems they do not understand, but I understand and I feel that something important is going to happen, it is crucial a moment in my life decisions, I begin to see well.

So is it that if one has been calmadito on the esplanade and "you manage to reach the day, we arrive -logramos light, which amanezca- emerge before your eyes the bright sun that lights go must first reality."

That is too strong and has experience in various mythologies, where veils fall, to see better. And so the Sun, which appears in many places. It is thus very significant and intense mental as allegories.

Very well then, after that strange night, the endless night that never seems to end. The dawn and the sun is a brand new sun, a sun internito, with one-and-see, one feels and understands. "Then, you will see that in everything there is a Plan lives" .16

Finally, now things are better understood, we are here trying arribita things, is not all for nothing, is not it ?, below: Why this and not something else? And what are you talking about? And that has to do? These doubts arise and cease and certainties.

We are talking about the Plan, the projects, which will regulate the roads interesting is not it? So now comes a mental solcito: you understand, things are clear, if they were dark or gray, and clarified.

One has to be up there, you have to be clarified himself, clarify, de-confused and clarified to help others ...

When the other comes and asks you something wrong, you can not tell you: it is relative, it depends, is that perhaps may be so but it's handle, you can not respond with vague or or so-so. It is not important 'certainties of experience'.

No relativizations now (laughs). We are here and it's over. That is, in this high internal state, one has certainties and shares.

There is a clear Sol already understands everything and there is a plan and now we will go according to plan, of course there are many times when things get complicated and people, for example, down living plans as taxes, as incurred, as complicated, is not it?

But up here a plan helps you follow the road, ah, here goes, well continue in this area and came to that. And "it is difficult to fall from there", finally !, because no network this fall and those of the trapeze.

It is difficult because when you're clinging to a plan, some interesting activities, a dear thing, and you do not fall.

The text tells us: "It's hard to fall from there unless you wanted voluntarily descend into the darkest realms to bring light to the darkness."

This point leads to a reflection of great significance, because decide now to help others, knowing the difficulties, the highs and lows that transit is not something minor, but important. This is also stated in the myths, sometimes extremely difficult passages to understand, but refer to this step voluntariamente17 devoted to helping others on their way to excel.

Sure, you could stay here, could stay here, do not know, then you decide, well let down, let's clarify the others, we will help others to have that experience to ascend.

And ending the text tells us: "It is valuable to further develop these issues, because they deceive inexperienced, moving to the realm of the imaginary, the achievable".

So we were launched to experience all these signs for corroborating ourselves.

Everything we've talked about so far have been corroborating with experiences that have happened is not clear whether it ?, but already started talking about the highest things that no experience ... can be misleading, "Translating the field imagination of what is achievable. "

He continues as supreme warning: "May it serve as said above-whom come from the far sinsentido-. If you explained it was not useful, what could you object, since nothing is without foundation and reason for skepticism, next to a mirror image, the sound of an echo, the shadow of a shadow.

That is, if people are not yet in the matter, what will object if all this does not matter. There is nothing more insubstantial that comments or criticisms of those who never come close to these issues, despite the difficulties they face in their lives.

We can say that on the way up increase consciousness, and states of inner peace, leaving behind the compulsiveness and with the waking dreams; so as to better manage the contents and conducts better purposes that may have.

All this is very important say, much to whom we are engaged in this significantly. This is important, for others it is not. And we dedicate ourselves individually and together, and we're giving these truths to others with the best of intentions. But everyone is seeing and doing.

In the long run it is self who decides to jump up or not, is not like the other faiths that there is some external force that will decide. Although one may feel like 'call' these things will always be the individual effort and the help of the whole ultimately what it's worth.

Well folks, we have seen, briefly this great teaching of internal states, which is accompanied by the Guide to the Inner Road, which can also study.

Well, that's all. I hope you have served.

Until next time.

Ernesto H. de Casas

Valencia-Mendoza, 1986 - 2015



1. Text that is in the book of Silo's Message and Humanize the Earth (Chapter 19) by the same author. See

2. This is alluded to in Ortega's concept of 'ascending Vitality'. Ortega - by Ilse Herin in Man-minority: - it refers to: "The features of the minority are fighting, creating the upward vitality, love of human values, respect for and faith in errors the ability to improve man's immanent. »

3. It can be said that the classic mystical literature refers to these passages, 'not sure', as in the famous Divine Comedy there is clearly a transit internal scenarios. Authors and texts from various fields refer to the subject, but in any case, we know, is something as clear and precise as in these few pages of Shiloh, most are as triggers to reflect that a complete explanation.

4. Rae: lat. vulg. * Abyssimus, der. And abyssus, and east of gr. ἄβυσσος no background).

5. The Australian Aborigines mention.

6. See speech of Suffering. Silo.

7. Refers to the New Testament passage of the crucifixion in the E. Lucas where the wrongdoer is told that 'the end of the day would be in Paradise.' A clear allusion rise allegorical plane.

8. Repentance involves not to repeat the action, if so, the actions are repeated.

9. Here we can return to a phrase about the ancient sage whose greatest virtue was "patience" and "Do not ever let discouraged by the failures ,,," - Hoefer.

10. The theme of resentment is important to us, it is something to handle well, because it involves many other feelings such as possession, attachment, finding pleasure and desire, leading to chain already feel bad. RAE tells us: Action and effect of resenting and 2. prnl. Having feeling grief or anger about something. Herein lies the problem, 'something' that is what chains

11. Note our teaching as always has been, has been generated from this mental position; always generating a document or other, a text, a book and another and another, one way and another, one activity and another, without stopping, until now, no prints, no imitations inspired things, say.

12. Rafael Alberti. Andalusian poet.

13. This case relates it to the legends of Lilith as both Jewish Mesopotamian mentioned as night, etc. Also the Egyptian moon goddess Isis was considered and merged with the lunera Greek goddess Artemis.

14. The etymology of the word that comes from God Deus (Latin) derives from the Indo-European voice dyeu :. "Daylight" variant deiw voice (brightness, light). "Deus and divus" Latino "being of light". While the word 'Theos' (theos) DHES comes from the Indo-European: the sacred.

15. We think of Hölderlin, German lyric poet. His poetry welcomes the classical tradition and blends with the new romanticism. Hyperion famous author. Or the same F Nietzsche that health does not end well.

16. This reminds us of the Tree of Life Kabbalah where the peak is Keter, which inter alia: e: the Upper Light generating whole movement of creation.

17. Particularly in Buddhism this idea is clear, that of the enlightened dealing with others-through of love and compassion to attain enlightenment; especially Tibetans bodhisattvas 'return to earth' to help mankind to this end. What is not little.


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